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The specific goal of the second work package is to create a new European vocational qualification or specialization of:

a) UAS Developer and Operator.

b) Virtual reality applications programmer and developer.

The development of the Joint Qualification Standards was based on an analysis of labour market skills demands conducted prior to the project application submission and both new qualifications follows a methodology developed by the public authorities responsible for education in each partner’s countries and has been made following the next steps:

Step 1 – Job description of job responsibilities and daily tasks with a categorization of the technical competences required based on labour market needs identified in the analysis.

Identification of the core technical competences required by the market for each job based on occupational profiles.

Step 2 – Summarization of the (best) practices of the existing VET programs for further use.

Step 3 – Defining new qualifications

Finally, a description of the new, joint EU qualification standard responding to the identified market demand has been developed for both fields of specialisation.

Final output:

2.1 Joint Qualification Standard of UAS Developer and Operator (EQF 4)

2.2 Joint Qualification Standard of Virtual Reality Applications Programmer and Developer (EQF)