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Although when we think of young people and drones it is easy to think about their playful use, the piloting of drones and the skills necessary to design flight plans, program them, pilot them, as well as build and repair them are complex and subject to regulations. 

Training around drones requires the development of high-level technical and technological skills, for example, in the case of piloting, theoretical training is required: aircraft regulation, human performance limitations, operational procedures, technical attenuations and risk operations on land and in the air, general knowledge of UAS, methodology, flight performance of UAS, and practical training. 

This is the reason why drone piloting is not a game, and why in the case of Spain, it is required to pass specific tests established by the AESA (Spanish Agency for Air Safety), and at European level, since December 31, 2020, the European regulations of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) are applicable. 

These trainings are usually offered privately, at a high cost and independently (pilot training, mechanics, radiophonist,…), which is why the initiative to create training within the educational system that contemplates these skills, is a step forward in the professionalization of the different occupations that have emerged as a result of the professional use of drones. 

The truth is that the use of drones professionally has an increasing scope and greater implementation in totally different sectors, from emergency situations (fires, accidents, traffic control, search for people), to agriculture and livestock, shows (recordings and live broadcast) or research (geological, archaeological), and in a short future to delivery. 

The evolution of technology is a fact, now it is time to evolve training to respond to these changes and anticipate the professions of the future. 

and educational institutions in compliance with the European Framework of Qualifications. The best practices of the existing educational programmes have been summarised for further use as well.