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Based on the deliverable “ Description of national procedures for identification and recognition of new VET qualifications” (in the work package 6, step 4).

The analysis will compare the legislative and methodological procedures applied in different partner countries and assess them from the viewpoint of their efficiency, transparency (i.e. the capacity to involve all relevant stakeholders) and quality. Then, the analysis will identify good practices contributing to an efficient tackling of skills shortages.

Final recommendations of improvements of national systems of new qualification identification and registration (recognition) will be summed up at the end of the analytical phase.

Findings and recommendations will be presented to relevant public authorities and stakeholders during national workshops and the final project conference, in particular to national authorities and social partners responsible for the process management.

The expected scope of the analysis: about 10-15 pages

Deadline: 31.10.2021

Language: English

Barrier analysis to a large scale roll out of new curricula in the field of programming

The output will analyse barriers related in particular to:

  • the integration of new VET programs into the existing VET programs
  • job opportunities of the graduates
  • international mobility of teachers (instructors), students and graduates and cross-country cooperation
  • the cooperation between VET providers and companies on the curricula implementation.

Final recommendations will be addressed to regional, national and EU authorities responsible for high school VET curricula and will underline the necessary legislative and other policy changes to be adopted in order to promote the roll out of the new VET programs.

Deadline: 31.10.2022

Language: English

Pilot Phase Comprehensive Evaluation Report

Based on participants´ results at final exams, as well as on participants´ activity and interim results revealed by the online course platform, on their feedback and other information, the final report will assess:

  • skills of graduates acquired during the pilot phase and the level of their responsiveness to market needs identified in WP1
  • the concept and the design of the online course platform and the possibilities of improvements.
  • the concept and the design of the VET programs and the possibilities of improvements
  • necessary conditions and other requirements of the new VET programs in order to be smoothly implemented by VET providers.

Deadline: 30.11.2023

Language: English