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The main goal of this project is to harmonize ICT education with the needs of the labor market building the capacity of CVET providers to better adapt to digital transformation by means of implementing individual VET training pathways methodologies creating a new  VET qualifications of Drone programmer and operator and Virtual reality (VR) applications programmer (developer)

The first step in achieving this goal is to create a new European standard of professional qualifications that will be ready at the end of June 2021.

The next step is to identify and describe the digital skills required by market demand and the subsequent development / improvement of curricula for new qualifications.

As a result of these activities, new two-year vocational education and training programs for these qualifications will be created. The tool for providing these programs is an open platform of online courses, on which a team of our project partner Czech VR Agency(virtual reality experts) is currently working.

The Czech drone experts partners, Robodrone, also work on the content of the platform, which consists of individual lessons, mainly in the form of videos with spoken commentary in English. Each lesson consists of about 12 such videos.

For the needs of the two-year vocational education and training program, will be developed a total of:

  • for virtual reality 34 lessons (for the first year) and 17 lessons (for the second year),
  • for drones 28 lessons (for the first year) and 16 lessons (for the second year)

The online learning platform, which will be the center of events within the training program focused on the new qualifications will stimulate the creation of new businesses and jobs in the field of virtual reality and drones, which are the fastest growing areas in Industry 4.0 due to their technology and sophistication.

After processing the required content, nothing will stop the launch of a pilot version of the online learning platform, where students and teachers of our partners, who are VET providers within this project, will be able to try out the new curriculum.