Joint Qualification Standard developmen

Estimated start date: Month 1 1.1.2021

Estimated end date: Month 6 30.6.2021

Lead organisation: Technology Centre CAS

THE AIM is to create a new European vocational qualification or specialization of

a) drone programmer & operator,

b) virtual reality applications programmer (developer).


Step 1 – Categorization of the technical competences required

Based on labour market needs identified in the analysis a job description (occupational profiles) for both occupations will be prepared, including description of job responsibilities and daily tasks.

Based on occupational profiles, the core technical competences required by the market for each job will be identified.

Step 2 – Summarization of the (best) practises

Partners summarize the common ground of knowledge/skills of students enrolled in the partner VET programs, as well as the national/individual differences.

The level of knowledge and skills of teachers of the existing relevant partner VET programs will be summarized, as well as the national/individual differences. And the common knowledge base of teachers at the partner VET institutions will be categorized.

The best practices of the existing VET programs will be summarised for further use.

Step 3 – Defining new qualifications (i.e. new/improved VET program objectives)

Finally, a description of the new, joint EU qualification standard responding to the identified market demand will be developed for both fields of specialisation.

The developed qualification standard will include as well:

  • description of the way how the required competences will be verified and validated during the final graduation (state) exam;
  • the examination process,
  • qualification requirements for members of an examination commission and the accreditation process at national level;
  • a design of the joint EU certificate to successful graduates.