DigiS Kick-off meeting (part 1)14th January 2021

At the first meeting, the partners were introduced, and the Project leader make a description of the project, the rules, and work packages organization to begin with the first steps of the project.

Some issues of the interest areas were discussed with the collaboration of all the partners and the first steps of the project were agreed.

DigiS Kick-off meeting (part 2)16th March 2021

The second part of the Kick-off meeting participates Mr. Krempasky as a representative of EACEA who introduced to the partners the EACEA rules and gave some recommendations about the development of the project.

It was shared the information about the work developed until the meeting and the rules and organization of the work to be done in the next 6 months by the partners.

The first version of the Joint qualification Standards was already done, and the feedback period began from the partners for the improvement and development of the definitive version that will be ready at the end of June.